We can offer a convenient bookkeeping solution.

Our main objective is to help business owners, like you, to reduce time spent on non-essential tasks, enabling you to focus on core business functions and increase profitability.

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WXC Benefits

Best-in Class

We aim to have highest quality in our industry and set the standards for other firms.

Certified Experience

We hire the best and the brightest and we invest in our people to ensure that legacy.

Competitive Rates

We offer a transparent, flat-fee structure to all our small business clients.


When you become our client, we spend time learning all we can about you and your business.

Backend Solutions

Our team has what it takes to implement changes that will improve operations and profits.

Great Support

We’ll continually adjust our services to keep pace with your needs and help you get to the next level.

How We Work

Why Choose Us

Because we provide personal attention

Our goal is to use our experience to provide personal attention to each one of our clients, regardless how large or small they are, and that is the key to our service. We understand that responsiveness and personal attention to every client are important to our success. We embrace the concept of quality in everything we do, having a service-mindset when dealing with clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer professional services by providing the highest level of excellence in bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, tax and related matters. Our staff devotes itself to providing services in a timely, accurate manner, showing respect and awareness of the confidentiality and individual needs of our clientele. We provide services of the highest quality to our clients that consistently exceed their expectations.

How We Do

We ensure it with quality controls

Honesty and Integrity – Meet our professional responsibilities in an ethical manner. Obtaining trust through our actions. We provide service using different tools as checklists, and quality controls to ensure that our client’s books and taxes are always accurate, up-to-date and we respect for one another in the office leads to greater productivity and staff satisfaction.

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