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New law extends COVID tax credit for employers who keep workers on payroll

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service urges employers to take advantage of the newly-extended employee retention credit, designed to make it easier for businesses that, despite challenges posed by COVID-19, choose to keep their employees…
wxc corporation miami

IRS reminds businesses to e-file payroll tax returns

WASHINGTON — The next quarterly payroll tax return due date is October 31, and the Internal Revenue Service urges business owners to use the speed and convenience of filing the returns electronically. Deposits made by Monday, November 2,…

IRS recommends business owners e-file payroll tax returns

WASHINGTON — With the Oct. 31 quarterly payroll tax return due date just around the corner, the Internal Revenue Service today urged business owners to take advantage of the speed and IRS Forms 940, 941, 943, 944 or 945 are used to report employment…
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Reduced 24% withholding rate applies to small businesses

Publication 1281, Backup Withholding for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN(s), posted last month on, has been updated to reflect a key change made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). As a result of this change, effective Jan. 1, 2018,…
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IRS: 2018 employer reimbursements for employees

Employer payments or reimbursements in 2018 for employees’ moving expenses incurred prior to 2018 are excluded from the employee’s wages for income and employment tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. The 2017 Tax…
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How To Calculate Payroll Taxes

Learn how to withhold, remit, and calculate payroll taxes! If you are a small business owner with employees, you know paying them is not as simple as just writing out a check. For most employees, you must withhold the following taxes: …